When unique
features meet

Mind blowing PRO demos

You are one step from purchasing one of the most creative WordPress themes of 2017. It contains 6 unique demo concepts; each of them has its own color palette, handpicked fonts and images and handcrafted inner pages.

A lot of features/options

Control your website like a PRO: optional splash screen, navigation bar with on scroll options, creative scroll to top, blog layouts, hundreds of color options, many Visual Composer enhancements and many more – all available globally and on per page basis.

Save $180 with the bundle

There are 8 bundled premium plugins worth $180 (Visual Composer, Font I Want, Creative Grid, Image Gallery, Image Carousel, Devices Mock-ups, Google Maps and Social Links) as well as several exclusive plugins only available within this theme.

demo 1

Yuri Gagarin

The first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.

Love at first sight

Right combination of black, colorful images and smooth animations creates miracles: after you visit the demo you want your next website to be like it.

Truly unique

No doubt, there are no similar WordPress themes on the market with which you could build such amazing websites. Don’t spend your time trying: just rely on Smoothly and this demo.

Amazing grids

Use posts from any sources (blog posts, projects, pages, case studies, team members, etc.) and display them in unique layouts with different animations using Visual Composer.

demo 2


A Lemhi Shoshone woman who helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition achieve each of its chartered mission objectives exploring the Louisiana Territory.

So beautiful and wild

One of the wildest WordPress theme’s demos you’ve ever seen! Different parallax effects, split images and crazy color combinations – that’s the real reason to love this demo!

Background layers

You can create unique experiences by putting images and other elements (like Google Maps) on backgrounds: make some images fixed or with vertical parallax, or even create something different.

Creative grids

Powered by the same Visual Composer’s element, the demo’s grids look awesome everywhere – on the main page, on project, team member and case study pages. We believe you’ll love them!

demo 3

Marco Polo

A Venetian merchant traveller who embarked on an epic journey to Asia, returning after 24 years to find Venice at war with Genoa.

Blue Iris to the next level

You’ve never thought Blue Iris color with proper gradients and animations could result in such an amazing website!

Complete solution

50+ inner pages, Portfolio, Team members, and Case studies post types, WP Job Manager and Ninja Forms integrations, and many theme’s features and options will help you to build a website for a company of any size.

Grids you need

Keen layouts, smooth animations, all post types support, optional filter with counters, ability to define almost all options on different breakpoints separately – what else would you need to build your next create website?

demo 4 - exclusive

Pol Solsona

An exlusive collaboration between Pol Solsona, an independent graphic designer & art director (working worldwide across the street), and Open Marco team.


The result of a product development collaboration between our team and one of the most famous Spanish art director gives you a chance to create a truly exclusive portfolio website.

Clean and minimal

When your projects are awesome, you don’t want anything else to disturb you. The demo contains only two minimal pages, and everything else is dedicated to Portfolio.


Grey background, dark texts and colorful images – everything is clean and minimal. And only tiny things put your website to the next level: almost invisible splash screen, smooth floating content, typing effect and green links underline.

demo 5

Erik the Red

Norwegian Viking, remembered in medieval and Icelandic saga sources as having founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland.

Eye catching

Red, black and white colors, shadows, rounded images and smooth animations – all of it make this demo absolutely eye catching and unique.

Cool parallax

Internal image parallax in page headers, call to action blocks, grids and even contact blocks adds smoothness to this demo.


Manage 150+ CSS selectors on 5 different breakpoints separately using fonts from Google Fonts, Typekit and Font Squirrel as well as your own custom fonts.

demo 6

Vivian Maier

An American street photographer who took more than 150,000 photographs during her lifetime, primarily of the people and architecture of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Unique galleries

Don’t you think the demo’s image galleries are cool? Internal parallax, different gradient caption backgrounds and smooth image floating allow you to display any images in an absolutely unique way.

Minimal and clean

Neat navigation bar and footer, non-distracting colors, minimal blog, brief ‘About’ page – that’s totally enough to build your next photo website.

Photographers best friend

Concentrate on the most valuable things – your best photos. Don’t waste your time building elaborate photo websites: use this demo and spend your time on choosing what to show rather than how to show it.